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Patti Stanger Biography 

Born in May 31, 1961, Patricia "Patti" Stanger is one of the most successful businesswomen in America. She is a star and a producer of matchmaking reality series, The Millionaire Matchmaker which has gained massive viewership across the world. She navigates her business dealings with great passion, and for people that seek her advice in the love department, she offers them nothing less than her own soul in the pursuit to get them their perfect mate. She has a big heart in the matchmaking arena and is usually sought out for guidance and advice by other matchmaking experts. 

Early life 

While Stanger’s story has been told through many written historical accounts, many people do not know much about her childhood life. Stanger was born and raised up in New Jersey. At a tender age, she was adopted by Rhoda and Ira and was brought up in the Jewish faith. In 1979, she graduated from Millburn High School and attended The University of Miami where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1983. After acquiring her degree and working for several outfit brands, she became a much revered style icon best known for her simple yet stylish outfits.

Early career

Stanger first served as a Marketing Director for Great Expectations. She is said to have been introduced to the fashion industry by her friend Janis Spindel. She was hire to serve as an assistant when she was 24 years of age. She dedicated her time in the fashion industry for a decade by working at JouJou Jeans, Union bay Sportswear, as well as Saks Fifth Avenue. Stanger is known for speaking her mind in a judgmental and sexist manner. She views men as being driven by their urges and describes them as products. 

The millionaire’s club 

Stanger established her company in 2000. The initial services in the new millennium were not only for the desperate. Stanger realized that busy professionals too did not have the time to find their perfect mates and the few that did were not meeting the type of ladies they dreamed about. She saw the need to create a private club where these men could be introduced to the match in a relaxing, confidential and discreet manner. She also realized that, in the dating industry, the odds of a lady joining a dating club by herself were low so she embarked on recruiting women through ads, magazine, and dating scouts. 

The millionaire’s club & bravo TV network 

Stanger is best known for navigating all her business dealings with passion. In 2008, she signed a deal to have her reality show featured on Bravo TV Network. She is a star and also an executive producer of the show. The one hour show has helped thousands of men and women find their perfect match. The club works closely with psychologists, relationship experts, date coaches, and a host of renowned fashion designers and hairstylists. The club knows that chemistry is the key to finding a match, which is why catering to the precise standards of its members remains its primary goal.

The millionaire’s club members 

Millionaire’s club members are required to submit their biographical video profiles describing the kind of partner they need. Stanger then meets the millionaires so she can better understand their preferences and welcome them to the millionaire’s club. The millionaires meet 30-40 candidates at a party which is hosted by Stanger. At the party, the millionaires pick their top two dates and have mini dates of a few minutes, after which they select the best candidate. After the announcement of the selectees to the group, the members plan for their main dates.  

The terms of the club

As easy as it may seem, the millionaire’s club is not without its set of rules. The members are restricted from talking about sex or exchanging contacts at the party. They are not allowed to indulge in sexual behaviors until they are in a serious relationship. Millionaires are also not allowed to exceed two drinks on every date. All millionaires are required to abide by the terms of the club failure to which tougher penalties may be imposed on them. If a millionaire is found to have violated the rules of the club, she/he is suspended from the club.

Patti’s personality 

As we mentioned earlier, Patti is known for speaking her mind. In her recruiting sessions where she screens her male and female members, she makes brutal remarks on their dressing codes and looks. She makes very quick and direct comments whenever she spots something unpleasant with her millionaire clients. She once told one lady she was pretty but couldn’t find her millionaire as she was obese. In another instance, she asked a female client to get rid of her wig, then suggested she make a second attempt after getting hair extensions.

Her radio show

In 2009, Stanger was hired by Premiere Radio Networks to host a radio show called P.S. I Love You. The program was broadcasted on Clear Channel and The Pink Channel every Sunday evening. After a one month break, the show was back on air but on a semi-regular basis. A year later, it was moved to Thursday evenings. To date, Stanger continues to host the show on Thursday nights from 4PM-6PM on both The Pink Channel and The Mix. 

Personal life 

In 2003, Stanger found her match through matchmaking. From 2003 to 2010, she dated Andy Friedman, a real estate executive. In 2010, she announced that she was breaking up with Andy. She said in her show that Andy was like the best friend to her and that their relationship lacked passion. She then started dating John Matthews, a man she picked when she was matched on her show. A few months later, she announced that that the two were good friends. Then in 2012, she started seeing David Krause, a baseball player whom she met online. 


In 2011, Patti set off social media uproar when she made controversial remarks about Jewish and homosexuals on Watch What Happens Live show. When a caller asked Stanger to give her views about long distance relationships, she responded by saying that gay people are not capable of monogamy. She also made remarks about Jewish guys and smart ladies that were believed to be offensive. These remarks sparked angry response from Bravo fans. Stanger later issued apologies saying she didn’t mean to offend anyone. 
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