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David Wygant Biography 

David Wygant is a different kind of dating coach as he coaches both men and women. Furthermore, he is a strong advocate of using methods that are down to earth and natural, as opposed to using pick-up tactics.

David Wygant is also very popular with the media and has been quoted and featured more than most dating coaches in the idustry.

Name: Davind Wygant (pronounced as "why-gant") Nationality: AmericanBirthday: July 01, 1962Height: 188cm / 6"2Profession: Dating CoachAffiliated Companies: David Wygant Inc.

Web Presences

Website/Blog: davidwygant.com/blogFacebook profile: TheRealDavidWygantTwitter: @DavidWygant

Quotes And Trademark Advice

David is a strong advocate of Natural Game - being true to yourself and confidence as the biggest keys to attraction

The notion mentioned above is present in every concept that he teaches his students. David Wygant is skilled at offering instruction and advice on various dating-related skills such as leading women into your bedroom, text and phone game, online dating and approaching women.

Also, unlike other dating sites that are often one sided, David Wygant is a dating coach for both men and women.


Personal life - David Wygant never foresaw that his life would take on the path of a dating coach. In fact, the only time David started to develop good dating skills was after his marriage ended with a divorce.

He now resides in Venice, California; together with his beloved cats and dogs.

Dating Coach Career

Within the dating industry, David Wygant is one among the earliest dating consultant. In 2013, MTV featured David Wygant on their hit TV series called "Made". Today, he sets himself apart from other dating coaches in a way that he consults with both men and women.

David is no stranger to the media or the press. Furthermore, he is a regular publisher of dating-related articles to various media outlets. David already made countless TV appearances from different networks like MTV, BBC, ABC news, CBS News, Dateline NBC, FoxNews, E! Entertainment Television.

David also made thousands of radio appearance and often publishes articles in various big-ticket newspapers and magazines such as The Los Angeles Times, Maxim, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, Men's Health and Cosmopolitan. Also, David has an ongoing publication for Yahoo! Personals.

David's concept, lessons and ideas indirectly inspired the movie Hitch (2005). During the early phases of the film's development, the directors and producers of the movie met with David; as the time he was pushing his dating reality TV show. The two parties sat down and talked about dating lifestyle and ideas, and some of those actually made it to the film.

David Wygant was married during his early 30's, but divorced after 3 years. He remarried again during the early 2009 and had a baby by September 2010.

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