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I'm Elizabeth Maeve. I'm not a dating consultant, match maker or life coach...

Nope, I'm Just an ordinary single girl in my thirties who bought "The Single Girls Handbook" out of curiosity
Just like you, I was looking for reviews of Patti Stangers' new course hoping to find someone who actually bought it and was willing to share their unbiased opinion.

To be perfectly honest most of the reviews that I came across seemed to be nothing more than sales pitches and offered very little in the way of a personal review of the product.

Since I have a passion for writing I figured what the heck, I'll buy it myself and write my own review and hopefully I'll be able to help other women who are wondering whether this is a worthwhile investment ... So that's exactly what I did!

Hope you enjoy it.

I Bought Patti Stangers "Single Girls HandBook"... Should You?

The Single Girls HandBook Review

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The Single Girls Handbook Review: Savvy Dating Advice From Patti Stanger

If you're looking for self-affirmations and gentle nudges towards the courage to approach love on your own terms, The Single Girls' Handbook is not the book for you. However, if you're willing to take her advice, Patti Stanger, the main contributor to this practical dating guide audio book, will tell you what to do and how to do it, but she's going to have you do these things on her terms, not yours.

And that, it turns out, is perfectly fine!

You see, Patti is a well-known dating guru. Some of her nicknames should help to give you a rough idea of her style: The Queen BeeThe Dating QueenHurricane Patti, etc.  On Twitter, you can find "#Pattisms"...:

     ..."Coffee is cheap. Drinks are an audition. Lunch is an interview. Dinner means romance"

But Patti Stanger lends more to The Single Girls' Handbook than just her star quality. She makes the handbook. There is another contributor, David Wygant but his contributions pale in comparison to what Ms. Stanger had to tell us girls about getting a date (and not just any date: the right date).

Who is Patti Stanger and Why is She Giving Dating Advice to Women?

I'll let you in on a little secret... I'd never heard of the Millionaire Matchmaker before I discovered The Single Girls' Handbook. But Patti Stanger, come to find out, is a very big deal.

She's the creator and star of the hit TV show on Bravo, "Millionaire Matchmaker" as well as owner of the website Her website is pretty impressive, and her
Twitter account has definitely hit guru status.

She's the one-woman extravaganza of matchmaking, dating advice and love that's apparently captured the nation's attention in a way not seen since Dear Abby.

Show Me The Goods

None of that really impresses me, but I did think it was interesting. No, you need to show me the goods if you're going to impress me. So I listened. I listened to several hours  of The Single Girls' Handbook and this is what I discovered:

Patti Stanger is onto something.

OK without revealing all her secrets, here are a few intriguing things you'll learn from the Handbook:

  • The 5-second flirt (I loved this part)
  • 4 Reasons Why a Man Doesn't Respond to Your Flirt
  • When to Hit the Whole Foods Market for the Hot Men
  • 5 Good Examples of How to Flirt in the Supermarket
  • What To Do When a Guy Speaks in One-Syllable Spurts
  • Why Your Phone is Your Worst Enemy
  • The One Thing That Trumps How You Look
  • Why You might want to Date 3 People at the Same Time
  • What the "Wooing Cycle" Is and Why It's Important Not to Break It
  • Why You Should Keep All This a Secret for 90 Days

Somehow she's managed to reach across the age barrier between us, the cultural barrier and the natural resistance I have to talking heads...and grab my attention. Not only did I find her advice engrossing, I inadvertently spent an entire Saturday afternoon sitting indoors listening to the audio book, only to realize how much time had passed.

Know what I did then?

Why I Rushed Over to the Whole Foods Market When I Didn't Need Any Food

I went to Whole Foods and put it all to work. I put it into action. I played the game like an expert because let's face it after three hours of listening to Patti Stanger speak about how to meet a guy, trust're ready!

I knew exactly what to do and more importantly, I did it with the confidence Patti gave me. She's just that good at this. Without giving away all the goods, let's just say that although I didn't get a date that very night, I made some serious inroads and can't wait to keep practicing.

There was one thing I didn't actually like about Patti's Tracks...

Although I don't generally take dating advice from women who can't control their potty mouths, I can't help myself with Patti Stanger. She's so convincing and so inspiring that the swearing simply appears and then fades from my conscious.

It's certainly not a deal breaker for me.

It's because she is completely and utterly engaging. I couldn't wait to try the tips she gave. She made her points well, she illustrated how to do them and made things seem easy - the 3-point equation for success if you're trying to help someone.

Even Gurus Have Their "OOPS" Moments...

First, let me remind you that 99% of what Patti says in her handbook is right on. So please don't take this out of perspective when I say that she did say some questionable things. At one point she did get off track for about 30 seconds and uttered: "Being lonely can kill you." Okay...

But I kept rolling right along, soaking up her knowledge, her style, her tactics like a disciple. We can ignore the loneliness comment, because Patti you're brilliant.
​Patti Stanger is Everywhere - What's in the Handbook?

One of the things I love about audio books is that I can strap on my earphones and totally disappear into what I'm listening to, with no distractions. It's for this reason that I would recommend The Single Girls' Handbook over Patti Stanger's blog, her tweets, her hit TV show or her weekly podcasts.

You see, when we're dealing with dating tips, what we're essentially doing is learning how to be something: we're learning how to be

  • available
  • approachable
  • likeable

... everything that Ms. Stanger is in real life (with the exception of 'available', of course).

We're learning to be her. To learn her psychology, her way of dating we must learn her language and her culture. The best way to learn to think like someone is to listen to them talk spontaneously, and that's what I love about The Single Girls' Handbook. I can listen to Patti Stanger unedited; speak for one-hour chunks at a time- it's basically what educators call immersion learning.

Perhaps girls just want to hear it from girls, but I totally prefer Ms. Stanger's positive and practical approach to dating advice.

There are a few tracks from David Wygant, another dating advice personality. These pale in comparison to Ms. Stanger's. I was so eager to hear more advice from Patti that 20 minutes in and I skipped over Mr. Wygant's tracks and went straight back to hers. 

In my opinion Patti could have done this all on her own, I personally didn’t find David Wygant’s contribution added much, but hey that’s just my opinion, some of you may find it useful.

Summary of my Single Girls' Handbook Review

Patti Stanger's direct-hit interview style audio tracks are on-point, completely appropriate and relevant. They make it easy to go out and practice interacting in positive ways with men, so I was very happy with my results. I am now one of the many fans of Patti Stanger, otherwise known as Queen Bee and Millionaire Matchmaker. She's the real thing!

To get your own copy, simply CLICK HERE and you'll be directed to a secure site where you can download The Single Girls' Handbook and get started right away!
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